My Story... well, cliff-note version of it & what InFocus Tribe is all about.


I’m a Caribbean girl, well traveled, educated, good vibes motto, photographer, quick thinker that always sees the "big picture" in an opportunity within realistic expectations, and most likely will be the "je ne sais quoi" muse that is missing to spark your next project, event or branding idea.

Tired of the cookie cutter agency life, but loving the creation & strategy process behind it, I ended up taking a leap by leaving the soul-soaking agency world to go and dedicate time to my creative outlets through in-brand photography, personal styling, and becoming an architect of unique experiences.

I portray an array of expertise skills developed over 10+ years of experience in the marketing industry, a B.S. in Communications with a minor in photography, and various Certifications from Fashion to Social Media industries. In conjunction to exquisite taste, intuition, and knowledge gained globetrotting, I’m the perfect match curator to execute your needs under my personal brand InFocus Tribe.

Brief Career History that assisted shaping my personality in the past 12 years

  • Recent Past: HavasMedia -Is one of the leading global communication & marketing group. Determined the best strategy for each luxury brand client & deploy the strategy needs into an integrated tactical media mix optimizing client's budget specializing within Latin America market. Luxury Brand clients were Carolina Herrera, Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, L'Oreal, among others.
  • Blast from the past: Imagen.The Marketing Agency- Multicultural Full Service Marketing & PR Agency 360- Act as a liaison between agency & client, make recommendation, develop campaign concepts & executions for accounts such as Florida Marlins, Tenet Hospital Healthcare, and Univision.
  •  Archaic X-Files: Event coordinator for Grammy's street parties 2007, Premios Juventud 2007. Plus non-profit organizations event planner/board member & AdMiami Creative chair.

Snack-bite fun facts about myself (aka: Dino):

  • Recently finished "Certificado en Estilismo de Moda" with the iconic Irma Martinez at Trendy Academy, which I had a blast of fun & good times.  Fyi, if I haven't shared in the other pages "Boho chic with a  style of sophistication" is how I describe my personal fashion style.😉
  • Friends will describe me as a free spirit with good taste, an eye for all things beautiful, exciting & unique. Sprinkle with a little bit of "ocd" madness for perfectionism. 
  • Why this qualities? ...Maybe cause not that long ago, the stars aligned mathematically giving me these gifts:  
    •   Virgo: attention to detail , Capricorn: an ethical workaholic go getter & strong , Libra: the love for  beauty, art & design , Moon in Cancer: empathy with others.
  • Travel, music, and nature are my daily inspirations. 

My brand, InFocus Tribe is a boutique company that provides branding, stylist, and photography services with a marketing background & an eye for exquisite  design. Dino Alsina (aka- myself) will assist you design your event ambience, express your fashion style, capture that perfect image, plus create it for your brand to represent your own tribe.

In Focus Tribe comes from a soul seeker that realizes everything correlates. The same way you need to have your camera lens “in focus” for a good picture, you also need to be “in focus” with your inner-self to portray that essence of you, in your brand, your style, & your vision in life to its full potential. You can't live a blurry life. Focus outside. Focus with yourself ...and when you focus with your inner self, you become the focus of your tribe.

Let this bad ass tribe rise your brand & style needs, to another dimension you haven't imagined yet.